Becca & Tala

Professional Paraglider

Becca is a professional paraglider pilot, tandem instructor, and photographer. Since learning to fly paragliders at the age of 14, she has dedicated her life to the pursuit of aerial exploration. Her dog Tala was rescued from the Navajo Reservation in Arizona when she was about a year and a half old, and quickly adapted to a life of adventure. Since then, she has travelled from Canada to Mexico, and everywhere in between. They can generally be found exploring in the mountains or desert, roaming the American West in a van named Pancho. Becca and Tala enjoy whitewater paddle boarding, mountain biking, and hiking *almost* as much as flying. They prefer to spend the majority of their days playing outside (or snuggling up in the van) with their partner in crime Cade.

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Tala sits in Becca's lap in the cockpit of a plane.
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Tala is my daily reminder to go outside, to move my body to calm my mind, to connect with nature. She shares my tendency to wander, and we both feel most at home outside.


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