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Katie & Quinci

Desert Dwellers

I'm Katie, with my constant sidekick Quinci. We're desert dwelling, trash collecting, community loving hippies. We choose the outdoors and community above all else. Whether that's hiking, paddleboarding or backpacking - we love it all. We live in Arizona, and explore on the weekends and weeknights. I work a 9-5ish job, but that doesn't slow us down. We're just happy sticking to our local favorites as we are exploring new and exciting areas. See you on the trails!

Follow their adventures at: @trustyourtrail

Katie holds her little dog up next to her face smiling with excitement on a hike.
Quotation Marks

My dogs remind me to take advantage of each day and every opportunity. We feel most alive when we escape into the wilderness! To me, they represent freedom, love and authenticity.