Steph and Cajun

Steph and Cajun

#MyDogIsMy Crazy Little Creature

Steph Davis is a climber, BASE jumper and wingsuit flyer and author of two books: High Infatuation and Learning to Fly, both of which feature her dogs Fletch and Cajun (and her black cat, Mao). Steph travels around the United States and the world in pursuit of tall cliffs and mountains, but her home base is Moab, Utah, a paradise for adventurists of all species, and especially for dogs and humans. Steph's first dog, Fletcher, was rescued from the Navajo Reservation, and she lived with Steph for many years in the back of a Ford Ranger in climbing areas around the U.S. Cajun is also a rez dog, and she accompanies Steph on almost all of her outings in Moab. Cajun is a very athletic creature, and she was raised as a BASE dog as well as a crag dog: she hikes to the top of cliffs and then runs back down to the bottom after Steph jumps. You can follow their adventures on InstagramFacebook or at stephdavis.co.
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Cajun is a wild little desert jackal! She's perfectly ridiculous and amazingly agile, and she has more fun than anyone I know.

Moab, Utah
Kane Creek Trail
Follow their adventures at
Ken's Lake Campground


I met Fletch in a dirt driveway in Moab where we were both living at the time: me in the back of a truck, Fletch in a small camper trailer with her current human, Scott. Scott had once declared over a few beers that if he ever got a dog, he’d name it after those Chevy Chase movies, so that’s how Betty M Fletcher got her name.