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The Size is Right: How to Measure for Your Dog's Gear

Gear that's comfortable, fits well, and performs well depends on two things: extensive design and trail testing (that's us!) and the right size and fit (that's you!).

These quick videos will get you all set for finding the right size for your dog's next harness, jacket, pack, and boots.

Sizing For Harnesses, Apparel & Packs

How to Measure Your Dog's Girth

Harness, Apparel & Pack Size Chart

9 - 13
13 - 17 in 17 - 22 in 22 - 27 in 27 - 32 in 32 - 36 in
36 - 42 in
23 - 33 cm
33 - 43 cm
43 - 56 cm
56 - 69 cm
69 - 81 cm 81 - 91 cm 91 - 107 cm

Sizing For Boots

How to Measure Your Dog's Paws

Boot Size Chart

Size (in) 1.50 in 1.75 in 2.00 in 2.25 in 2.50 in 2.75 in 3.00 in 3.25 in
Size (mm) 38 mm 44 mm 51 mm 57 mm 64 mm 70 mm
76 mm
83 mm

Sizing For Puppies

How to Size for a Growing Dog

Puppies grow quickly and that means their size might still be changing. While your pup’s growth will depend on its breed, many larger dogs may not hit their full size and weight till around 12 to 18 months.

We recommend sizing based on your pup’s current measurements to make sure they are getting a comfortable and functional fit. If it's too large or small, you might see some chafing or slipping.

If your growing pup is truly between two sizes, choose the larger size. For example: a 3-month-old puppy with a 17-inch (43 cm) chest girth would be right between XXS (13-17 in / 33-43 cm) and XS (17-22 in / 43-56 cm) harness sizes. We recommend sizing up to the XS since their current girth fits within that size range AND the larger size will give them room to grow.