Dog Harnesses

Comfortable all day? Freedom to run and play? Our dog harnesses offer solutions for lift-and-assist, training or lead pulling, and everyday adventures. The difference is that they're built from a dog's perspective, with an adjustable fit for any size or shape. Need help choosing?

Ruffwear makes a wide range of different types of dog harnesses to keep up with you and your dog on your outdoor pursuits. Explore our selection of body harnesses, chest harnesses, and harnesses with handles for dogs. Each is mindfully designed, trail tested, and dog approved.

Frequently Asked Questions

A strong harness that fits well, moves well, and allows full range of motion for your dog as they walk and run all add up to a quality, comfortable dog harness. Those all come standard in Ruffwear harnesses.

There are reasons to have both in your dog's kit. A collar is essential for holding your dog's identification, license, and other tags. Dogs who aren't pullers can often walk on lead with just a collar. For dogs that pull, harnesses tend to be more comfortable by decreasing pressure on their neck. Harnesses are also more secure and harder to back out.

Dog collars are a key part of a dog’s everyday kit: they hold ID tags for quick identification if lost and offer a lead attachment point when needed. They’re plenty comfortable to wear all the time, yet dog collars can pose risks during playtime and at home. Learn more about collar safety tips here.