Front Range™ Collection

The Front Range™ Collection is for dogs and humans embarking on a lifetime of adventure. Discover comfort, connection, and durability for whatever trails you’ll explore together.

Whether you’ve welcomed a new dog into your life or your sidekick is finding their inner explorer, Your adventure starts here with the Front Range™ collection. From comfortable dog harnesses to durable collars and leades and a dog backpack for hitting the trail, this collection is designed to support your get-out-there-and-go goals and go the distance with you. Feeling inspired to gear up and hit the trail?

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the basic gear you need when welcoming a new dog to your life is a collar (with ID tags), lead, and harness. The Front Range® Harness, Lead, and Collar makes a great starter kit for your new adventure buddy. Other essentials include a bowl, a bed, and, of course, some toys and treats.