Summer Dog Gear

Summer has arrived! Beat the heat wave and keep your dogs cool, safe and hydrated with the latest cooling gear, portable bowls and safety floatation vests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Always carry a bowl and plenty of water so your dog can stay hydrated on your excursions. Dog boots can help keep paws off hot pavement, rocks, and sand. Cooling gear can help cool your dog’s surface temperature through shading and evaporative cooling when wet. Try to get out in cooler parts of the day (morning and evening) and regularly check in with your dog throughout your activity to make sure they're getting enough breaks.

Dog boots are a great way to protect paws from hot pavement, rocks, and sand. One way to check if the ground is too hot and boots might be a good idea: place the back of your hand on the ground. If it is too hot to hold it there for five seconds, then it might be a good idea to put on boots to protect your dog’s paws.

Ruffwear’s cooling harness, cooling accessories, and cooling vest are designed to be part of the solution for managing hot temps with the help of evaporative cooling. All you have to do is get the cooling gear wet, put it on your dog, and evaporative cooling takes care of the rest. Re-wet it when it dries to extend the adventure. Even with cooling gear, attention to hydration, paw protection, and outside temperatures need to be taken into account. Learn more here.