Small Dog Gear

Offering durable rugged dog gear for the smallest canine adventurers. Comfortable & lightweight xtra small collars, leashes, harnesses and more for the biggest adventures with your littlest friend.

Every dog is an explorer, including the smallest of sidekicks. With small dog gear made to help them hit the trail unencumbered, small dogs can take on any size adventure with you by their side. From lightweight small dog harnesses and small dog collars, to small dog sweaters for warmth in cold weather, to  a small dog bed for recharging between endeavors, Ruffwear builds gear from the dog’s perspective so you and your dog can make the most of the trail ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

A lightweight, durable harness works great for small dogs. It should allow full range of motion and be sized appropriately. Check out our Hi & Light™ Harness – our harness most popular among small dogs.

Small dogs can benefit from wearing a harness when walking and hiking, especially on lead. Compared to collars, a small dog harness limits the pressure and strain on your dog’s neck and throat. A harness is often more secure as well if your dog has a knack for backing out or slipping from their collar.