Dog Collars

Ruffwear dog collars are designed from a dog’s perspective and built to last. Collars for dogs come in various styles to meet your dog’s adventure needs. A martingale collar offers a no-slip collar option, a stink-proof waterproof collar keeps the funk at bay, and a reflective dog collar boosts visibility while exploring in low-light conditions.

Our webbing dog collars come in outdoor-inspired hues and patterns with nods to the elements and scenes found in our favorite landscapes to explore together. Or, bring a bit of climbing inspiration to your dog’s kit with our rope collars.

Once you find the best collar for your dog, you can complete the look: explore matching collars & leads.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend finding the collar that speaks to you, both in function and in style. Traditional webbing flat collars with a buckle have lots of great colors and patterns and are easy on/off. Martingale collars are popular no-slip solutions. And waterproof collars are great stink-proof options.

There are reasons to have both in your dog's kit. A collar is essential for holding your dog's identification, license, and other tags. Dogs who aren't pullers can often walk on lead with just a collar. For dogs that pull, harnesses tend to be more comfortable by decreasing pressure on their neck. Harnesses are also more secure and harder to back out. Related: Dog Harnesses, Dog Leads

Dog collars are a key part of a dog’s everyday kit: they hold ID tags for quick identification if lost and offer a lead attachment point when needed. They’re plenty comfortable to wear all the time, yet dog collars can pose risks during playtime and at home. Learn more about collar safety tips here.