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  • Find great companions in Ruffwear dog collars and leashes. Low-profile, adjustable Knot-a-Collar pairs well with 5-foot-long Knot-a-Leash, 30-inch-long Knot-a-Long, Just-a-Cinch leashes. Timberline Leash and Timberline Collar feature Pittards water-resistant full-grain leather. Headwater Leash and Headwater Collar feature waterproof, stinkproof coated webbing. Pair Hoopie Collar with Flat Out Leash in nature-inspired patterns or with waist-worn/hand-held Roamer Leash, with Ruffwear's Wavelength webbing to absorb shock. Adjustable, hand-held or waist-worn Slackline Leash pairs well with Chain Reaction Collar, Top Rope Collar, Crag Collar. Other leashes are Front Range Leash with sturdy, light webbing; compact, light Ridgeline Leash; adjustable, convertible belt-to-leash Patroller Leash; leash-worn-around-a-collar Quick Drawn Leash; two-dog leash connection Double Track Coupler.

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