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DIG: Behind the Design of the New Trail Runner™ Collection

As a runner with a dog sidekick, trying to combine the two can sometimes be a bit clunky. It’s taken me years to find my own favorite running gear, and finding gear for my canine companion that rivaled my own has been a challenge. And since off-leash runs just aren’t in the cards for us all the time, I’m always on the lookout for finding an on-leash setup that keeps us in sync and moving together with little interference.

Ruffwear’s new Trail Runner™ Belt, Trail Runner™ Leash, and Trail Runner™ Running Vest have changed how my dog and I run together. Here's a bit about the design and details that have made all the difference.

woman and dog trail running together with a mountain in the background

Meet the Trail Runner™ Belt & Leash: Hands-Free Running at its Finest

The Trail Runner™ Belt and the Trail Runner™ Leash are game-changers for logging those miles as a team on leash. The lay-flat design of the running belt is reminiscent of the latest well-loved running belt designs: light padding for comfort, stretch storage for essentials like phone, keys, pick-up bags, or a soft flask, and a comfortable bounce-free running experience.

closeup of trail runner belt zip pocket with woman putting a snack bar in the pocket

The dog is in the details on this one: there’s a separate leash attachment strap that’s compatible with most leashes with a handle. The strap unclips with an easy to use side-release buckle, and you thread the strap through the handle of your leash, and clip back in. Voila - a secure and hands-free running setup.

studio picture of trail runner belt with leash

The Trail Runner™ Leash is our favorite leash to pair with this belt. It’s a dynamic, shock-absorbing design and the optimal length for running (long enough to give your dog some room, short enough so neither of you are tripping over it).

Paired together, the Trail Runner™ Running Belt and Leash make for a fun run. It's hands-free, a smooth ride even if you and your dog aren't totally matching each other's stride, and a system that’ll have both you and your dog excited for your next run.

Man and dog trail running together at sunset in the mountains

The Trail Runner™ Running Vest: Canine-Carried Hydration for the Long Haul

Chances are, you have a favorite running vest. One that fits well, holds your water, doesn’t bounce all over, and maybe even adds a little spring to your step with its “cool factor" (it's okay to admit it).

The Trail Runner™ Running Vest is just that – but for your dog. It opens up new territory by making it easy and comfortable for your running buddy to carry their no. 1 trail essential: hydration.

close up of dog wearing a hydration vest, and human putting a soft flask of water in the pocket

Mindful design and material choices keep the vest breathable, balanced, and bounce-free. Two zippered side pockets with nozzle notches hold the two included Hydrapak® soft flasks secure, close to their body, and balanced. You can stash a bowl (like our ultralight, ultra-packable Trail Runner™ Bowl) and pick-up bags in the smaller top zippered pocket.

woman putting small dog bowl in the pocket of the dog's hydration vest

For on-leash running, there’s a reinforced webbing tow loop at the rear of the vest. It’s a strong leash attachment point, optimally positioned for dogs that like to take the lead and maybe even give you a bit of a pull.

dog wearing a hydration vest and woman running on-leash on a rocky trail together

Made to Move: Prioritizing Comfort & Mobility

Every piece of gear designed by Ruffwear is created with the end-user in mind. With our Trail Runner™ Collection, that’s dogs and humans.

When it comes to running, non-restrictive and freedom of movement are key to let dogs (and their humans) move naturally. That’s what keeps you both comfortable and looking forward to your next run – and the one after that, and the one after that.

a man runs with two dogs on leash next to a woman running with a baby in a stroller

Both the Trail Runner™ Belt and the Trail Runner™ Running Vest both come in different sizes and colors for meeting the needs of different dog and human runners.

Ruffwear’s new Trail Runner™ Belt, Leash, and Running Vest are game-changers for runners, seasoned or new, getting out and covering ground with their tail wagging sidekicks. They’ve been trail tested and dog approved, inspiring confidence for any trail you and your dog have ahead.

Ready, set…. run!