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  • Who Rescued Who?

    As an adult, I adopted my first dog in 2010 - Chipper. My heart. He came from a small, overrun rescue in North Carolina. This was one of my first glimpses into the rescue/animal welfare world. Chipper moved across the country with me, to Arizona. I didn’t know anyone in Arizona. So what did I do?

    Woman taking a selfie with a small terrier dog in her lap
  • Unleashing Noodle's Possibilities

    From Noodle’s first set of wheels to her first hike, swim, and catch of a flying disc, her story shows how grit and a little extra support from those around you go a long way when it comes to #UnleashingPossibility.

    Unleashing Noodle's Possibilities
  • Our RAD Adoption Program Is Back

    One of our favorite things to do at Ruffwear is connect canine explorers with human explorers. And our RAD Adoption Program helps us do just that. While the pandemic caused us to hit pause on these events, we are stoked to bring them back again. In this article, we've got the scoop on our latest event.

    A woman bikes on a trail while her two dogs run ahead of her.
  • 'Tis the Season To Be Giving: Our 2022 Paw It Forward Winners

    At Ruffwear, we believe in using our business for good. Our Paw It Forward program helps us cultivate a world where all dogs and their humans thrive in the outdoors. Seeking some giving inspiration this holiday season? Here’s a recap of our Paw It Forward winners for 2022. 

    A woman high fives her dog while in the snow.
  • Wilbur and Pretzel, Rescues to the Rescue

    In the same week, Elizabeth Johnson suffered a serious injury from a horse and said goodbye to her dog, Luna. She shares how adopting two new rescue dogs helped her heal, both emotionally and physically.

    A woman poses with her two dogs while on a hike.
  • Explorer in Training: Navigating Life With a Puppy

    Kellie Peaslee is an avid outdoor enthusiast – from hiking hundreds of miles throughout the U.S. to backpacking all four seasons. Her blog, The Dirt Bag Hiker, provides hiking and fishing resources to inspire others to explore the outdoors – as well as a section called "Dirty Dog" for those bringing their fur-covered friends. Kellie recently adopted a Brittany puppy named Hatch. Here, she shares what she's learned while navigating life – and the outdoors – with a puppy.

    A woman sits by a lake with her puppy.
  • Waypoints: Noël Russell, Sue & Fin

    Waypoints celebrate the places our dogs take us and the joy of returning to them together, time and time again. Read on to follow Noël Russell's journey of creating, re-visiting, and learning from the Waypoints she's discovered with her dogs over the years.

    Waypoints: Noël Russell, Sue & Fin
  • We're Pawing It Forward ... And You Can, Too!

    At Ruffwear, we’re purpose driven – we believe in using our business for good. Cultivating a world where all dogs and their human companions thrive in the outdoors is part of our DNA. Looking for ways to give back this Giving Tuesday? Here are some of our favorite organizations we’ve given back to recently. 

    A dog smiles and gives its paw to its owner.
  • What My Rescue Dog Taught Me About Growth

    In this story, blog contributor Erin Swanson shares how her rescue dog, Odin, has grown, adapted, transformed... and how he's inspired her to do the same.

    Closeup of a happy dog
  • Dog Days

    We walked into the first of 5 pods of 20 or so kennels. In the second kennel was a dog that shook me out of the fog. She had the softest, shiniest fur and the funniest long hair on her tail like an ostrich feather. Her big brown eyes slayed me. She was the happiest thing I’d ever seen. I turned to Brie and said, “I want this dog.”  

    Two humans snuggled up with dog inside tent while camping.
  • Max the Miracle Dog

    His name is Max, and he’s called the Miracle Dog. Hearing just some of his amazing story, it’s not hard to see why. If you're looking for a story about the special bond that exists between man and dog, read on.

    Ambassador Kerry with his three dogs in ruffwear harnesses outdoors.
  • A Serendipitous Meeting

    I was driving near the Warm Springs Reservation on Highway 26 and I noticed a skinny black dog standing on the shoulder in the opposite lane. I drove for a couple hundred feet and thought to myself, “That’s the saddest looking dog I’ve ever seen." I turned around my 26-foot delivery truck and went back.

    Daniel and his dog Maddie in front range harness sit at table at pub together.
  • Love Dogs

    One day a small and very strange looking puppy ended up in my driveway—she had been picked up off the Navajo res starving, miles from anywhere, by a guy working on electrical poles. She was a bedraggled black, grey and brown. Her ears flopped. She looked like a tiny hyena having a bad hair day.

    Selfie of Steph Davis and her dog Cajun.