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  • What Do Avalanche Rescue Dogs Do?

    From their rigorous training to their valiant missions, avalanche rescue dogs are truly extraordinary. Let’s uncover what makes these pups such incredible heroes in the mountains. 

    An avalanche rescue dog and his handler
  • Training to Be an Avalanche Rescue Dog: Our Life in the Swiss Alps

    A Switzerland-based ski instructor and her dog Bolt are on a mission to make a difference. Read the heartwarming tale of Bolt’s journey to become an avalanche rescue dog.

    Sarah and her Australian shepherd, Bolt.
  • Special Tails Belong On Every Trail

    When Emma was diagnosed with numerous, rare, chronic medical conditions at age 12 her life changed forever. But Zander, a four year old German Shepherd who is her Medical Alert Service Dog opened her eyes to new paths. Read their story and learn how to help ensure wholesome, safe and inclusive experiences for the disabled outdoors.

    Special Tails Belong On Every Trail
  • Meet Ruddy: Mt. Bachelor's Playful Avalanche Dog

    Ruffwear’s Content Creator, Erin Swanson, recently made the trek to Mt. Bachelor with our Videographer, Photographer, and Community Manager. Their mission? Learn about (and play with) Mt. Bachelor’s newest avalanche puppy in-training, Ruddy.

    Ruddy the avalanche puppy in training sits on a snowmobile and looks up at his handler.
  • Ronan to the Rescue

    A member of four search and rescue organizations, Kate Fernhoff works alongside her canine sidekick, Ronan, a wilderness live find dog and human remains detection dog. This is the tale of their search for two lost hikers.

    A woman crouches down in front of her search and rescue dog.
  • Bento's Superpower: A Therapy Dog Delivers Joy to OHSU Hospital

    Mark and his trained therapy dog, Bento, volunteer at OHSU Hospital to deliver joy to patients and staff. In this story, Mark gives a glimpse into a day in the life of a therapy dog.

    A man and his dog stand on the grass in front of OHSU Hospital.
  • Detection Dogs to the Rescue: Saving the Mediterranean Tortoise

    Can pups really help save the Mediterranean Tortoise from the brink of extinction? Ruffwear Ambassador Alfonso Pera Contreras introduces us to his detection dogs, Jara and Olivia, who are carrying out vital detective work to help this endangered species thrive again in Spain. 

    A man stands next to a detection dog.
  • Reading With Marv: A Therapy Dog's Greatest Gift

    When not busy with their day jobs as Ruffwear’s Retail Brand Experience Designer (and the unofficial Director of Dogs & Culture for Marv), Mary and Marv are a therapy dog team for the Reading Partners Program at Elk Meadow Elementary School in Bend, Oregon. This is their story. 

    A woman and her dog hug and smile for the camera.
  • 'Tis the Season To Be Giving: Our 2022 Paw It Forward Winners

    At Ruffwear, we believe in using our business for good. Our Paw It Forward program helps us cultivate a world where all dogs and their humans thrive in the outdoors. Seeking some giving inspiration this holiday season? Here’s a recap of our Paw It Forward winners for 2022. 

    A woman high fives her dog while in the snow.
  • Go, Hugo, Go! A Journey From Guide Dog to Detection Dog

    Abby Smith had dreamed of working as a conservation dog handler since childhood. But her German Shepherd, Hugo, started out on a different path. As a puppy, he trained to be a guide dog – with Abby as his puppy raiser. When a health test led to Hugo’s release from the program, Abby adopted him and started working as a handler for Rogue Detection Teams. Hugo joined her for the ultimate experiment: can a former guide dog-trained pup swing it in the detection dog world?

    Hugo, a Rogue Detection Dog, poses with his two family members.
  • Pups of a Paralympic Champion: Meet Gold Medalist Allysa Seely & Her Service Dogs

    Paralympic Gold Medalist, Allysa Seely, attributes much of her success to her service dogs, Bentley and Mowgli. Here, we learn just how much support they've provided along her inspiring journey.

    Allysa Seely sits with her service dog on a hike.
  • Forever Changed: A Day with Guide Dogs for the Blind

    In 2015, Ruffwear's Service Dog Channel Manager, Greg, visited the Guide Dogs for the Blind campus for the first time. This is the story of his immersive experience on their campus and how it jump-started his passion for supporting the guide dog community with Ruffwear products.

    Two Ruffwear employees stand in front of a Guide Dogs for the Blind bus.
  • We're Pawing It Forward ... And You Can, Too!

    At Ruffwear, we’re purpose driven – we believe in using our business for good. Cultivating a world where all dogs and their human companions thrive in the outdoors is part of our DNA. Looking for ways to give back this Giving Tuesday? Here are some of our favorite organizations we’ve given back to recently. 

    A dog smiles and gives its paw to its owner.
  • How Rogue Detection Dogs Inspired the High-Vis Web Master™

    Rogue Detection Dog Bounders (handlers) Heath and Jennifer had some great words and pictures to share with us about their history with the Web Master, and how their work and partnership contributed to the development of the High-Vis Web Master.

    How Rogue Detection Dogs Inspired the High-Vis Web Master™
  • All Work & All Play: Avy Dog Inspired & Tested Toys

    As snow blankets ski areas across North America each winter, avalanche rescue dogs are clocking in and going to work on the slopes. These highly-trained dogs and their ski patroller handlers train at their home mountains every day during ski season.

    Ski patroller plays tug with pacific loop toy with avy dog dressed in web master harness.
  • Let's Go Find It: On the Job with Rogue Detection Dogs

    Rogue Detection Teams bring the conservation detection dog method to the forefront of scientific research. They provide knowledgeable field teams and hands-on instruction for researchers, aspiring dog handlers, and citizen scientists, fostering collaboration and community involvement in the world of conservation.

    Bounder Rita Santos and Rogue Hera sniffing for an endangered grasshopper which lives only on the Crau plains in the South of France
  • Staying Cool the Rogue Dog Way

    Rogue Detection Dogs are happy to work all day traversing plains, climbing up mountains, trekking through snow, and clambering over rocks and fallen trees, all with the expectation of playing with their ball – their reward for successfully locating wildlife scat. Ruffwear proudly supports and partners with Rogue Detection Teams by providing gear to all of the dogs. 

    Rogue Athena stays cool with swamp cooler by wind turbines.
  • Rogue Detection Dog Field Notes: Suzie & Skye in Yosemite

    In the summer of 2019, Yosemite National Park’s Terrestrial Wildlife unit secured special permits for three conservation detection dog-handler teams from Rogue Detection Teams. The goal: systematically survey the Park to detect and collect scat from the Sierra Nevada red fox, the cougar, and the fisher. As a research scientist and detection dog handler, I was ecstatic to be a part of this project.

    Detection Dog in Yosemite
  • Finding Soul River

    Veteran Chad Brown struggled with severe PTSD. Then, after a life-changing fishing trip, he decided that he would dedicate his life to giving back to others who might find healing, connection, and purpose in nature – specifically, inner city youth and veterans. He founded the nonprofit organization Soul River, Inc., through which he brings at-risk youth and veterans into the outdoors.

    Chad in fly fishing gear and dog axe in service dog vest pose by the river.
  • Nancy & Abbie

    Blind from birth, Nancy started using a cane at the age of 6 and taking buses at the age of 10. Now, Nancy has had a total of 4 guide dogs. They’ve guided her on some grand excursions: summiting 14-ers in Colorado, hiking the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim, exploring countless miles of trails, and paddling alpine lakes.

    Nancy's guide dog Abbie leans in to give her a kiss while they sit at the bus stop.
  • Richard & Klinger

    Richard Hunter is a blind endurance athlete who has made it his life’s work to encourage blind athletes to participate in sports and other activities that push the limits of their comfort zone. His guide dog, Klinger, was the first graduate of Guiding Eyes for the Blind's Running Guides Program.

    Klinger lays on his back next to Richard getting pet in a grass field.
  • Pam & Maida

    If anyone is born a runner, it’s Pam McGonigle. She was also born with visual impairment, but that never slowed her down. She was hooked on the sport after winning her first race in 6th grade and went on to compete at the Paralympics, winning gold. In 2008, Pam got her first dog from Guiding Eyes for the Blind.   

    Pam in Blind Vest & Maida in unifly run in a trail race.
  • Forward Together

    The Guiding Eyes for the Blind Running Guides program graduated its first team, Klinger and Richard, in 2015. These specially trained dogs enable people who are blind and visually impaired to run with only their guide’s support. For the first time, runners with vision loss don’t have to rely on human guides.

    Blind runner and dog in Unifly run along a paved trail with trees.
  • From Shelter To Science

    Imagine being a dog. Not just any dog, mind. A dog with boundless energy and so much drive, you struggle to fit into normal family life. Unfortunately, this means you might spend your whole life in a shelter. Wait, there’s good news! Your intense focus and insatiable urge to play make you a great fit for the Conservation Canines, an organization that rescues dogs from shelters and pairs them with human handlers.

    Dog works a training course at a house in the woods.
  • Worked Like a Dog: In the Field with Conservation Canines

     We sent Alli, our resident ultra runner and ski mountaineer, to California to spend a few days in the field with the Conservation Canines. Her mission was to get to know our CK9 partners a little better and gain first-hand experience with the work they do. She was also collecting feedback on our products and their performance in the field.

    Working dog in custom harness and handler sit on rock during break in the woods.
  • A Golden Boy With A Magical Nose

    Hello, my name is Chester. It has been 8 years since I have chased a chicken. That's because I am fully employed as a Conservation Canine, and I have been part of this program for 8 beautiful years. In my long career, I have studied bears in the Pyrenees, cougars in Washington, wolves in Alberta and bobcats in Wisconsin. I'd like to tell you my story. 

    Chester runs along grass in front of a house.
  • An Interview With Conservation Canines' Lead Dog Trainer

    Ruffwear has been working with the Conservation Canines since 2008. The more we get to know both the people and dogs who make up the organization, the more we are proud to call them a partner and ambassador. We recently got a chance to catch up with Heath in between trips to the field to ask him a few questions about the program, the dogs involved, and the work they are doing.

    Dog in web master harness and ruffwear jacket sniffs ground working while human looks on.