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  • From The Couch To An Ultra Run With My Buddy

    When Karl Lee got his first dog, a playful brittany puppy named Sekani, he struggled to tire him out. So, they started running. What began as neighorhood 5ks soon transformed into ultra distances in the Canadian mountains. This is their story.

    A man stands by a blue lake in Canada with his dog.
  • Waypoints: Ashes on the Arizona Trail with Katie & Quinci

    Ruffwear Ambassadors Katie and her canine-sidekick Quinci recently said goodbye to a member of their pack, beloved dog Chipper. To honor his life, Katie and Quinci embarked on a 67-mile, 6 day hike of the Arizona Trail where they spread Chipper's ashes in a bed of wildflowers. 

    A woman and her dog hike along the Arizona Trail.
  • Waypoints: Tom & Ruby

    There's no speedier duo than Tom & Hungarian Vizsla Ruby on the trails – Tom on his mountain bike and Ruby on her four paws. Here, Tom shares their favorite waypoint for biking and running, Wakerley Woods.    

    A man mountain bikes while his dog runs beside him.
  • Waypoints: Moira & Jada Finding Their Way

    Ruffwear's very own Moira Hundley shares the significant experiences she's shared with her canine sidekick, Jada, at their favorite waypoint – Good Dog Park in Bend, Oregon. 

    A woman and her dog sit at a desk in the Ruffwear building.
  • Waypoints: Max Tepfer & Billy

    Part of the Waypoints Series. Why Max Tepfer and his sidekick Billy keep returning to a special climbing area in Oregon.

    Waypoints: Max Tepfer & Billy
  • Waypoints: Abby Chan, Kona & Mochi

    Part of the Waypoints Series. Hear from Abby Chan about her dogs Kona and Mochi – and why they have a connection to this spot in Sedona.

    Waypoints: Abby Chan, Kona & Mochi
  • Waypoints: Hailey Hagerty, Sky & Ripley

    Part of the Waypoints Series. Meet Hailey Hagerty and her dogs Sky and Ripley. Here's what she had to say about their connection to the location we joined them at for their photoshoot.

    Hailey and her dogs Ripley and Skye backpacking in Sedona
  • Waypoints: Noël Russell, Sue & Fin

    Waypoints celebrate the places our dogs take us and the joy of returning to them together, time and time again. Read on to follow Noël Russell's journey of creating, re-visiting, and learning from the Waypoints she's discovered with her dogs over the years.

    Waypoints: Noël Russell, Sue & Fin