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  • Bailing Off Our First Thru Hike

    Follow along with Julianne and dog Indy,  three year old Pyrenees mix, as they attempt to hike 567 miles on the Colorado Trail (CT). After years of backpacking together and training all winter, Julianne was confident they could walk from Denver to Durango, but Colorado's weather had other plans.

    A woman stands with her dog in the mountains of Colorado.
  • Backpacking the 40km Scottish Mamores Munro Circuit with Our Two Dogs

    As soon as Henry and Wally see us organising and packing their hiking packs, they start getting excited and can’t wait to hit the trail – especially when it's for three days on the Scottish Mamores Munro Circuit.

    Man and woman sitting in front of tent next to two dogs
  • Rachel & Nova’s Adoption Anniversary: Backpacking on the Pacific Crest Trail

    Ruffwear's very own Rachel Jurgensen shares the journey of how she and her dog, Nova, celebrated the 4-year-anniversary of Nova's adoption by backpacking to and from the place where they first met – Odell Lake along the Pacific Crest Trail.

    A woman goes backpacking in the mountains with her dog.
  • Barkpacking 101: How to Backpack with Your Dog

    Looking to share your love of backpacking with your dog, or maybe even establish a new love for it together? Welcome to Barkpacking 101.

    A human dog duo backpack on red rocks. Words read: BARKpacking 101.
  • New Gear for Spring 2022

    This season, we’re highlighting waypoints – the places along life’s journey that hold significance. With our tail-wagging pals by our sides, we return to these spots time and again. Leaving new foot and paw prints. Collecting memories. Ready to kick off spring by retracing or discovering your waypoints? We’ve got you covered with our new spring gear from two of our top collections: Camp & Hike and Backpacking. 

    A woman puts a collapsible water bottle in her dog's Ruffwear Palisades Pack.
  • Stories From the Trail: Backpacking with Nathan & Turkey

    Nathan and his canine sidekick, Turkey, share their stories from backpacking the alpine peaks of California, Montana, and Washington. They carry their packs and camp along the way as they summit beautiful mountain ranges, such as the North Cascades. Read on to see what they discovered on their journey.

    A man kisses his dog on the snout while they are in nature backpacking.
  • Packs and Trails with Amara the Shepherd

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a dog parent, it’s that having a pup allows you to experience life and everyday adventures in a whole new way. For Noami and me, hiking is our favorite pastime. So when Amara joined our pack, there was no doubt we would bring her along on all our adventures.

    Noami and Amara in backpacks by a waterfall.
  • Pack Up & Get Out: What Our Office Dogs Pack on the Trails

    As the air grows warmer and the sun lingers longer, we can’t help but get excited for backpacking, camping, and long days on the trail. Our employees and office dogs sure know how to pack in the fun, so here's a look at their go-to gear when their furry sidekick is shouldering some of the load.

    Dog in Palisades dog backpack and human with backpacking pack look out over Oregon coast from trail.