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  • Trick or Treat Trader™: Dog Treat Recipes, Games, and Ideas

    This spooky season, we’ve got you covered with dog treat ideas and recipes from our Ruffwear team. And keep that tail wagging – check out our treat-inspired ways to play and connect with your dog. 

    A woman gets treats out of her Treat Trader™ Bag to give to her dog.
  • How a Pandemic Can Help You Socialize Your Adventure Puppy

    Simply being around other people, dogs, bikers, and wildlife, and learning to not engage, is an awesome skill to encourage at a young age. And the absolute beauty of this time of COVID-19 we’re living in, with its six-foot social distancing requirement, is that it’s perfect for socializing a puppy. 

    Maria and puppy Willow in float coat sit on paddleboard looking at ducks.
  • How to Train an Adventure Puppy

    Training a dog is an adventure all on its own. The journey is long but the view at the end is a smiling dog with a spark in his eye.

    Maria walking her dog through grass by woods.
  • Exploring Politely On-Leash Using the Front Range Harness

    Collars don’t teach dogs polite manners, pet owners do. Plus, collars can cause injury when dogs pull against them. Instead, reach for a comfortable dog harness, six-foot leash, and lots of super yummy treats. Now, it’s time to get busy teaching your dog polite leash manners.

    Dog in front range harness and leash runs alongside human on trail.