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  • How to Minimize Your Carbon Pawprint

    The outdoors has so much beauty and wonder to offer. Discover tips for protecting and preserving the planet with our dogs.

    Jessica and her dog Luna on a hike.
  • Impact: Protect Our Winters

    Inspired by the ways our canine companions give so much to us, we seek opportunities to give back to others through our Paw It Forward program. In 2022, one of the eight recipients was Protect Our Winters (POW).

    Impact: Protect Our Winters
  • The New Hemp Hound™ Sweater: A Sustainability Move?

    Hemp in the outdoor apparel marketplace these days has a compelling sustainability narrative around it. Well-known brands are ramping up the use of this undeniably cool fiber. I’m often asked if the new Hemp Hound™ Sweater was a “sustainability” move. And, to answer, I’ll defer to the longtime favorite Facebook relationship status – “it’s complicated.”

    A woman and man run with their dog on a desert trail.
  • Sustainability Update: Launching Our Climate Action Plan

    In the last two years, we’ve taken our sustainability efforts up a notch. We’ve made some bold goals, and we’re working hard to reach them. Here’s what we’ve done so far, what we’re doing now, and where we’re headed in the pursuit of sustainability with our carbon footprint.  

    A woman runs on the grass near mountains with her dog.
  • Our Carbon Pawprints

    Something I’ve been curious about for a while is to what extent having a dog in my life impacts the planet. Finn is now 12 years old, and our lives revolve around him. He eats every day, has toys, travels, and has clothes and adventure gear the same as me. Let's look at Finn's carbon pawprint by focusing on the impacts of his food and apparel.   

    A man stands in a field with his dog while on a backpacking trip.
  • Talking Carbon & Sharks with Our New Sustainability Manager

    Ruffwear recently welcomed David Bennett (and his dog, Ginger) to the Pack as our Senior Sustainability Manager. We caught up recently to learn more about him and the work the team is doing to support Ruffwear's sustainability journey.

    Dog running ahead of mountain biker on leaf-covered trail
  • The Story Behind Our New Glacier Pattern

    Whether peering deep into a crevasse or ogling the sprawling vastness from high above, glaciers are inherently artful elements of nature. This was all on designer Liz’s mind as she developed Glacier – this season’s new pattern for the Climate Changer™ Jacket and Climate Changer™ Pullover.

    Dog in glacier pattern climate changer fleece runs over snow patches on trail.
  • Sustainability Update: Joining the Climate Action Corps

    Ruffwear is continuing our commitment to do business better by joining the Outdoor Industry Association’s Climate Action Corps as a Founding Member.

    Ruffwear building entrance.
  • Diving Into the Deep, bluesign® Sea

    As a company dedicated to making great gear, our definition of success includes embracing our responsibility to both our community and our planet. Today, we’re going to dig deeper into one facet of our sustainability strategy: bluesign® materials.

    Dog in Fernie jacket sits on tailgate of truck while woman in wetsuite with surfboard returns.
  • Digging Into Our Environmental Pawprint: Supply Chain

    We checked in with Kelly, Ruffwear's Sustainability Coordinator, to see what she’s learned in her first year. As Kelly explains, it’s an ever-evolving, always-room-to-improve process with numerous factors involved. In this article, we’ll look at Ruffwear’s efforts in establishing an environmentally-conscious supply chain.

    Dog in climate changer pullover runs in front of man running by Broken top.