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  • Discovering Bikejoring Together

    When Meg adopted Leo, a husky and malamute mix, she realized he was a natural fit for the bike. He could run long miles over varying terrain and enjoyed the thrill of high-speed endurance sports. So, she began training him and teaching him new skills. This is how the pair started bikejoring together.

    Meg and Leo ride on a trail by the woods together. Leo is a large husky.
  • Waypoints: Tom & Ruby

    There's no speedier duo than Tom & Hungarian Vizsla Ruby on the trails – Tom on his mountain bike and Ruby on her four paws. Here, Tom shares their favorite waypoint for biking and running, Wakerley Woods.    

    A man mountain bikes while his dog runs beside him.
  • 5 Tips for Mountain Biking With Your Dog

    Ruffwear Ambassador Laura Patton and her dogs Star and Colt are big fans of hiking, biking, and skiing through the endless terrain of their Pacific Northwest home. Here are Laura's top 5 tips for getting started when mountain biking with your dog.

    Laura and her dog mountain biking together
  • My Dog is My Sidecar

    At a time when my life and my future felt like they had shattered into pieces and I was trying to pick them back up, Bernie was the furry, steadfast presence of love and thrill that allowed me to hold it together and eventually build something even better than I had. Bernie is always by my side. He’s my sidecar.

    Anna on off road handcycle and Bernie on leash next to her bike down the River Trail in Bend.
  • Pura Vida: Ruffwear in Costa Rica

    Meet Sebastian and Esteban. They're brothers that live in Costa Rica with their dogs Gala, Ras, Chaco, Duna, and Tony, and they've partnered with Ruffwear as our distributors in the region since 2016. We turned to Sebastian and Esteban to learn more about life, dogs, and adventure in Costa Rica.  

    Esteban (seated) and Sebastian (standing) at a recent visit to Territorio de Zaguates
  • Ambassador Field Notes: Winter Yurt Camping with Tala

    Becca, Cade, and their dog Tala decided to explore their snowy backyard in style by renting a yurt in the Idaho backcountry for a weekend. They loaded up their bikes and pedaled and pushed a few miles to a cozy yurt in the woods.     

    Cade and Becca hold Tala standing in front of a yurt in the snow,
  • Riding with Emma

    In the gray light of early morning, Kristen pushes her bike out of the garage, steps on, and begins pedaling. Emma (her tail-wagging sidekick) runs alongside as they exit the alleyway onto the road. Then, Kristen says, “Trailer!” and Emma hops in for the ride to work. Read on to learn about Kristen's off-road cargo trailer with suspension that allows her to bring Emma along on her bike rides. 

    Emma the heeler dog runs alongside Kristen's gravel bike wearing a front range harness and roamer leash.
  • Exploring Public Lands

    At Ruffwear, public lands are part of who we are. We are fortunate to have national forest right out our office door. We believe that the first step to protecting public lands is to get out there and enjoy them. We hope that our video will inspire you to do just that – with your best furry pal, of course.

    South Sister and the marshlands below it where the water runs off from above.