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  • #MyDogIsMy Backcountry Buddy

    Follow along as Ruffwear Ambassadors Kate, Ty, and Zorra raft along the Owyhee and discover the lessons they learned along the way.

    Zorra and Kate rafting together.
  • The Story Behind the Float Coat™ Life Jacket

    Ruffwear products are born out of the drive to provide a solution to a need or problem. The story of the Float Coat™ Life Jacket is no exception. It began after Ruffwear's Founder had a near miss while running the Kern River with his dog. He saw an opportunity to design a life jacket for dogs that is reliable, comfortable, and safe.

    Founder Patrick Kruse in kayak with his dog in a float coat sitting in his lap.
  • Being Bold: Wild Swimming with Lulu & Foxy

    For outdoor adventure lover, Fay Preene, wild swimming with her dogs Lulu & Roxy is not just an action or an exercise. It touches on her happiness, her job, the environment, and her social life. Fay has always loved water, be that being in it, on it, beside it or listening to it. She discusses getting to do it with her best four legged friends and provides tips on how to join her and wild swim safely with your dog too.

    Being Bold: Wild Swimming with Lulu & Foxy
  • Bondi Falls in Love with Water

    From water skeptic to captain of the SUP, Bondi's journey developing a new love for water has been tremendously rewarding for Cory and Rafa.

    Dog standing on nose of paddleboard on a slow river with two other paddlers in front
  • How Do Ruffwear Ambassadors Spend Their Summers?

    We checked in with our Ruffwear Ambassadors to hear how they splashed, hiked, canoed, and climbed the summer days away. Read on for their top highlights. 

    A woman and her two dogs go paddleboarding on a lake.
  • How To Take a Multi-Day Rafting Trip With Your Dog

    Ruffwear Ambassador Becca Bredehoft is a professional paraglider pilot, tandem instructor, and photographer. She adopted her canine sidekick, Tala, from the Navajo Nation. One of the duo's favorite ways to explore together is on multi-day river rafting trips. Here, Becca shares the tips & tricks she's learned along the way.

    A woman and her dog sit on a raft while river rafting.
  • How To Road Trip With Your Dog: 8 Practical Tips

    Hitting the open road means something different to everyone – maybe it’s about exploring uncharted territory or seeing new places through your dog’s eyes. Whatever your reason, we’ve got you covered with our top 8 tips for an epic road trip with your dog. 

    A woman sits next to her dog in the trunk of her car at a beach.
  • Top 4 Dog and Kid-Friendly Summer Activities

    Ruffwear Ambassador Maria Christina Schultz is an outdoor enthusiast, certified stand up paddleboard instructor, and author. Her dogs are her constant companions. Maria's pack recently grew with the addition of her son. Here, she shares her tips for 4 dog and kid-friendly summer outings, plus dog training and gear advice to get you started. 

    A woman sits on a paddleboard with her baby and throws a toy for her dogs.
  • Tips for Running with Dogs in Summer Heat

    Ruffwear Ambassador Krissy Moehl is a running coach, author, race director, and public speaker. Her favorite running sidekick is her pup, PD. Seeing the trails through PD's eyes adds a whole new spin on her passion. Here, we checked in with Krissy and PD to learn their tips for running in the summer heat.

    A woman and her dog smile at the camera on a break from running.
  • Cool Safety Tips for Hot Dogs: Advice From Dr. Bronwyn Fullagar

    Summer is full of long days, happy tails, and dusty tired legs. Before you and your canine companion embark on your first warm weather mission, veterinary surgeon Dr. Bronwyn Fullagar shares her key safety tips to keep your dog cool in the summer heat. 

    A woman runs on a mountain trail with her dog.
  • Waypoints: Noël Russell, Sue & Fin

    Waypoints celebrate the places our dogs take us and the joy of returning to them together, time and time again. Read on to follow Noël Russell's journey of creating, re-visiting, and learning from the Waypoints she's discovered with her dogs over the years.

    Waypoints: Noël Russell, Sue & Fin
  • 5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

    With a solid hot-weather strategy, you and your dog can keep exploring, even amidst the sweltering days of summer. We’re here to help with our top gear and essential tips for keeping your dog cool.

    Dog wearing boots running on rocky trail with their human mountain biking
  • Six Tips for Crag Dogs (And Their Humans)

    Over the past couple of years, Pebble has turned into a great crag dog, happy to be outside, happy to say hi to other climbers and dogs, and happy to lounge in the sun. Over this time, I have learned some things about being a good owner of a crag dog. Here are six of them.

    Pebble the doodle hikes along trail with Shannon.
  • Celebrating the Summer Solstice

    The endless daylight is a blank canvas for you to get creative – pack it to the brim, slow down and soak it all in, or take the time try something new. However you choose to celebrate the Summer Solstice this weekend, we hope it includes sharing some time outside with your furry best friend.

    Monica and Giles at sunrise up on a hill.
  • New Gear for Summer 2020

    Summer 2020 has us gearing up to dig into what it means to find purpose and healing in the outdoors with our dogs. We're using the downtime to strengthen our connections and ignite our imagination for the road ahead – dreaming up new ways to explore with our ever-faithful canine companions.

    Two dogs in highlands dog sleeping bag next to their human sitting in the tent.
  • My Dog is My Co-Pilot: Tips for Van Life with Furry Friends

    Whether road-tripping or van-living, Ruffwear Ambassador Laura Patton shares her best tips for life on the road with dogs.

    Laura, her partner and dogs sit on a dock looking out a snowy lake and mountains.
  • Ambassador Field Notes: Bodie's First Road Trip

    Ruffwear Ambassador Maria Christina Schultz headed north to experience autumn foliage and to treat pup Bodie to his first road trip adventure.

    Maria paddleboards along fall colored trees with two dogs in float coats on her board.
  • Teaching Tala To Love The Water

    Our dog wasn’t exposed to a lot of moving water in her first year and a half of life. As with all new activities, we started slow – throwing her favorite toys for her in calm, shallow water. She loves playing ‘ball,’ so it was good motivation to work her way up to short easy swims. 

    Cade rows raft while Tala sleeps in float coat at his side.
  • 5 Things Your Dog Wants To Do With You This Summer

    Trying an activity that's new for your pup or new for you is both a rich and deeply rewarding experience. You'll forge a stronger bond and create memories that'll make you smile long after they happen. You'll laugh a lot, splash a lot, and possibly even pick up a new hobby you'll love a lot.  

    human and dog in float coat dog life vest on stand up paddleboard in middle of lake.
  • How To SUP With Your PUP: Getting Your PUP Back On The SUP

    One of the most important topics covered in this edition is a step-by-step guide for safely getting your dog back on the board from the water. This is the single most important skill every dog-loving paddler should know. Riley, Kona, and I want everyone to be safe out there!

    Bodie in float coat sits by Maria on a paddleboard.