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  • How to Minimize Your Carbon Pawprint

    The outdoors has so much beauty and wonder to offer. Discover tips for protecting and preserving the planet with our dogs.

    Jessica and her dog Luna on a hike.
  • Wild Waters and Wagging Tails: Overnight Rafting Adventures With Dogs

    Gloria and her dogs, Alberto and Shakira, love to embark on overnight rafting trips. Discover tips for an unforgettable adventure. 

    Gloria and her two dogs on a raft.
  • Wandering With Willow: 4 Dog-Friendly National Parks to Explore

    Willow is a full-time van life dog who has already seen 12 states and 17 national parks. Her human companion, Kaylin, has the lowdown on which spots are the most pup friendly.

    Kaylin and Willow walking in the desert.
  • #MyDogIsMy: Adventure Buddy - Trust is the Most Important Thing

    Ruffwear Ambassadors Stephi and Nala love to travel, hike, paddle board, ski, camp, and adventure together. Discover how these two best buds build trust through all their outdoor pursuits.

    Ruffwear Ambassadors Stephi and Nala hit the slopes together.
  • A Tri-Paw Tackles the New Hampshire Peaks

    Meet Zoey, a sweet-faced 35-pound rescue mutt who loves to traverse the trails with her human companions. Despite being a tri-paw, Zoey confidently conquers the mountains and even works as a therapy dog in her spare time.

    Tri-paw dog Zoey hikes in the mountains.
  • An Arctic Adventure

    Join Raya and her 12-year-old bull terrier, Grimlock, as they take on one of their all-time adventure checklist destinations: sea kayaking down the Dempster Highway in Canada.

    Raya and Grimlock pose by their van at the Arctic Ocean sign.
  • Solo Hiking Mount Mansfield With Dobby and Max

    When Jillian Joan set out to solo hike Mt Mansfield with dogs Dobby and Max, she was a mix of excitement, nerves and apprehension. But, like dogs often do, they helped Jillian conquer new heights, and bag another peak. 

    Solo Hiking Mount Mansfield With Dobby and Max
  • We’ll Be Home For Christmas

    Every year in December, Jessica and dog, Luna, pack up their black Volkswagen Atlas ready for a 2,200-mile road trip from California to Ohio. Here's what she packs, where she stops, and what she does to keep Luna comfortable and energized for a their 32-hour-long journey.

    Luna and Emma sit in the back of their car, ready for a road trip.
  • How To Skijore With Your Dog This Winter

    Learn the dos and don'ts of Skijoring from Ruffwear's own Kadee and Sturgill, and Kelly and Juniper. It's a fun winter activity for the whole pack where your pup gets a chance to be in the lead.

    A human and dog Skijore together under a beautiful blue sky.
  • How To Plan A Dog-Friendly Honeymoon

    If you’re anything like us here at Ruffwear who include our dogs in just about everything we do, why not include them in a honeymoon, too? Here's how Ruffwear Marketing & PR Manager, Dani, planned hers so dog, Vilas, could join in on the vacation fun.

    Dani, Brian and Vilas smile at the camera during a hike in Moab.
  • Discovering Bikejoring Together

    When Meg adopted Leo, a husky and malamute mix, she realized he was a natural fit for the bike. He could run long miles over varying terrain and enjoyed the thrill of high-speed endurance sports. So, she began training him and teaching him new skills. This is how the pair started bikejoring together.

    Meg and Leo ride on a trail by the woods together. Leo is a large husky.
  • Bailing Off Our First Thru Hike

    Follow along with Julianne and dog Indy,  three year old Pyrenees mix, as they attempt to hike 567 miles on the Colorado Trail (CT). After years of backpacking together and training all winter, Julianne was confident they could walk from Denver to Durango, but Colorado's weather had other plans.

    A woman stands with her dog in the mountains of Colorado.
  • How it Started & How it’s Going: Canine Explorer Edition

    The Ruffwear Pack shares how some of their favorite outdoor activities with their dogs got started, and how they’re going.

    How it Started & How it’s Going: Canine Explorer Edition
  • Waypoints: Noël Russell, Sue & Fin

    Waypoints celebrate the places our dogs take us and the joy of returning to them together, time and time again. Read on to follow Noël Russell's journey of creating, re-visiting, and learning from the Waypoints she's discovered with her dogs over the years.

    Waypoints: Noël Russell, Sue & Fin