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  • The Best Dog-Friendly Lakes, Rivers, and Hikes on the West Coast

    We asked our followers about the best dog-friendly lakes, rivers, and hikes on the west coast, and they answered the call. It’s time to lace up your boots and grab a leash. 

    Woman hiking with her dog.
  • Wandering With Willow: 4 Dog-Friendly National Parks to Explore

    Willow is a full-time van life dog who has already seen 12 states and 17 national parks. Her human companion, Kaylin, has the lowdown on which spots are the most pup friendly.

    Kaylin and Willow walking in the desert.
  • A Tri-Paw Tackles the New Hampshire Peaks

    Meet Zoey, a sweet-faced 35-pound rescue mutt who loves to traverse the trails with her human companions. Despite being a tri-paw, Zoey confidently conquers the mountains and even works as a therapy dog in her spare time.

    Tri-paw dog Zoey hikes in the mountains.
  • Solo Hiking Mount Mansfield With Dobby and Max

    When Jillian Joan set out to solo hike Mt Mansfield with dogs Dobby and Max, she was a mix of excitement, nerves and apprehension. But, like dogs often do, they helped Jillian conquer new heights, and bag another peak. 

    Solo Hiking Mount Mansfield With Dobby and Max
  • Hiking in the Pyrénées : A Practical Guide for an Unforgettable Adventure

    Ruffwear Ambassador, Rose, furry sidekick, Naïa, moved to the Hautes-Pyrénées mountains to be closer to nature and adventure. Here are their top tips for exploring this beautiful part of the world with your dog.

    Naia and Rose stand infront of a beautiful Vista in the French Alps.
  • Bailing Off Our First Thru Hike

    Follow along with Julianne and dog Indy,  three year old Pyrenees mix, as they attempt to hike 567 miles on the Colorado Trail (CT). After years of backpacking together and training all winter, Julianne was confident they could walk from Denver to Durango, but Colorado's weather had other plans.

    A woman stands with her dog in the mountains of Colorado.
  • These Paws Are Made For Hiking

    Each hike brings new discoveries, unique challenges, and endless moments of joy. There literally is no better adventure buddy than a dog.

    Woman and dog walking away on a trail in wet, boggy conditions.
  • How To Find Dog-Friendly Trails

    Finding a dog-friendly trail is equal parts art and science, navigating features like water access and steep terrain with leash regulations and dog rules. We’ve got your quick-start guide to finding dog-friendly trails in your neck of the woods (or wherever you’re headed next). So grab your leash, round up your pup, and let’s hit the trail. 

    How To Find Dog-Friendly Trails
  • How To Plan a Trip to Canada With Your Dog

    Ruffwear Ambassadors Noodle and Shamus (and their humans, Bree and Kyle) just wrapped up a road trip to the Canadian Rockies. Read on for Bree’s tips for crossing the Canadian border with dogs and discovering national parks with dog-friendly trails – including how she found trails that were a fit for Noodle, her pup with a spinal cord injury.

    A man and his dog hike in the Canadian Rockies.
  • Leave No Trace: Dog Edition

    Our epic camping and hiking excursions have an impact on the environment and wildlife. We’ve got you covered – there are ways to keep the stoke high while minimizing our impact. To scale those peaks responsibly, let’s take a look at Leave No Trace’s 7 Principles. Plus, read to the end to see our bonus tip to leave the trail better than you found it. 

    A man walks on a hiking trail with his golden retriever dog.
  • New Gear for Spring 2022

    This season, we’re highlighting waypoints – the places along life’s journey that hold significance. With our tail-wagging pals by our sides, we return to these spots time and again. Leaving new foot and paw prints. Collecting memories. Ready to kick off spring by retracing or discovering your waypoints? We’ve got you covered with our new spring gear from two of our top collections: Camp & Hike and Backpacking. 

    A woman puts a collapsible water bottle in her dog's Ruffwear Palisades Pack.
  • How Kerry Irving & His Dogs Raised £41,000 for Charity

    On November 12, Kerry Irving set out on a 16-mile walk with his dogs, Harry and Paddy, to raise funds for Scotty’s Little Soldiers, a charity that supports children & young people who have experienced the death of a parent who served in the British Armed Forces. 

    One of Kerry's dogs looks out on a lake from the Catbells Walk trail.
  • Pura Vida: Ruffwear in Costa Rica

    Meet Sebastian and Esteban. They're brothers that live in Costa Rica with their dogs Gala, Ras, Chaco, Duna, and Tony, and they've partnered with Ruffwear as our distributors in the region since 2016. We turned to Sebastian and Esteban to learn more about life, dogs, and adventure in Costa Rica.  

    Esteban (seated) and Sebastian (standing) at a recent visit to Territorio de Zaguates
  • The Year of Chimmy

    While 2020 is not at all how I scripted it, I know down the road I will look back at this summer and be filled with fond memories of sleeping under the stars, splashing in the river, and spending more time than ever with my furry companion. And for that, I am grateful.

    Chimmy and Linsey sit in opposite ends of a fishing boat on the river.
  • Let's All Doo-Doo Our Part

    We’ve all seen it. Probably stepped in it. Maybe even watched our dogs roll in it. And as unpleasant as those experiences are, they’re the least of our concerns. Dog poop impacts wildlife and their habitats. And when left behind, it can affect the water supply and pollute our rivers, lakes, and waterways.

    Alli pulls a pick up bag out of the Pack Out Bag while her dog RIggins sits at her side on trail.
  • Discovering the Front Range

    In the mountains of Colorado’s Front Range, Nathan first discovered a new pace of life. With his dog, Turkey, he learned how to live in the now as he watched her happily trotting along through mud, meadows, and moose poop for the first time in her life. Every scent is always new and exciting, every marmot call worthy of absolute attention. Together, they found a new home in the mountains.

    Turkey in front range dog harness, leash and collar set walks in front of Nathan by a waterfall.
  • Ambassador Field Notes: Bodie's First Road Trip

    Ruffwear Ambassador Maria Christina Schultz headed north to experience autumn foliage and to treat pup Bodie to his first road trip adventure.

    Ambassador Field Notes: Bodie's First Road Trip
  • Ambassador Field Notes: Bodie's First Road Trip

    Ruffwear Ambassador Maria Christina Schultz headed north to experience autumn foliage and to treat pup Bodie to his first road trip adventure.

    Maria paddleboards along fall colored trees with two dogs in float coats on her board.
  • How To Hike With Your Dog

    Dogs are happy to tag along on any hike. With a bit of preparation, the right gear, and a bit of that eagerness to explore that comes so naturally to our furry trail buddies, you’ll be en route to a good time hiking together.

    Dog Marv scrambling across rocks with human Mary following behind on a hike.
  • The Road Less Traveled

    Before Trevor DeHaas met his dog, Kahlúa, he was working a corporate job, living in the city, and ignoring his kidney disease. When Kahlúa came into his life, he quit his job, began exploring the outdoors, and started to take better care of his health. He is now an adventure photographer, living his best life. 

    Trevor and Kahlua on point looking out over crazy rock formations in the water on Oregon Coast.
  • 5 Things Your Dog Wants To Do With You This Summer

    Trying an activity that's new for your pup or new for you is both a rich and deeply rewarding experience. You'll forge a stronger bond and create memories that'll make you smile long after they happen. You'll laugh a lot, splash a lot, and possibly even pick up a new hobby you'll love a lot.  

    human and dog in float coat dog life vest on stand up paddleboard in middle of lake.
  • Nancy & Abbie

    Blind from birth, Nancy started using a cane at the age of 6 and taking buses at the age of 10. Now, Nancy has had a total of 4 guide dogs. They’ve guided her on some grand excursions: summiting 14-ers in Colorado, hiking the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim, exploring countless miles of trails, and paddling alpine lakes.

    Nancy's guide dog Abbie leans in to give her a kiss while they sit at the bus stop.