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  • #MyDogIsMy Backcountry Buddy

    Follow along as Ruffwear Ambassadors Kate, Ty, and Zorra raft along the Owyhee and discover the lessons they learned along the way.

    Zorra and Kate rafting together.
  • #MyDogIsMy: Adventure Buddy - Trust is the Most Important Thing

    Ruffwear Ambassadors Stephi and Nala love to travel, hike, paddle board, ski, camp, and adventure together. Discover how these two best buds build trust through all their outdoor pursuits.

    Ruffwear Ambassadors Stephi and Nala hit the slopes together.
  • Ambassador Field Notes: Exploring Germany With Our Dogs and Rooftop Tent

    Ruffwear ambassadors Michael and Vanessa, along with their two Siberian huskies, Eska and Lika, enjoy traveling in their van in their native country, Germany. Follow along as they pave their own path.

    A man stands with their dog by a rooftop tent.
  • Being Bold: Wild Swimming with Lulu & Foxy

    For outdoor adventure lover, Fay Preene, wild swimming with her dogs Lulu & Roxy is not just an action or an exercise. It touches on her happiness, her job, the environment, and her social life. Fay has always loved water, be that being in it, on it, beside it or listening to it. She discusses getting to do it with her best four legged friends and provides tips on how to join her and wild swim safely with your dog too.

    Being Bold: Wild Swimming with Lulu & Foxy
  • The Life of Riley: Adventuring with My Senior Dog

    The biggest lesson we’ve learned, is that it’s not how far or fast you go – it’s the company you keep that makes an adventure special!

    The Life of Riley: Adventuring with My Senior Dog
  • Who Rescued Who?

    As an adult, I adopted my first dog in 2010 - Chipper. My heart. He came from a small, overrun rescue in North Carolina. This was one of my first glimpses into the rescue/animal welfare world. Chipper moved across the country with me, to Arizona. I didn’t know anyone in Arizona. So what did I do?

    Woman taking a selfie with a small terrier dog in her lap
  • A Perfect Partnership: Fly Fishing with Sammy

    Whether it's fishing, hiking, or simply exploring new places, I now view every adventure with Sammy as a chance to deepen our connection and cherish the moments we spend together in the great outdoors.

    woman wearing fishing gear kissing dog on head
  • A Golden Adventure: Road Tripping With Two Dogs

    Ruffwear ambassador, Kyarna Rushworth, recently embarked on her first road trip with her two Golden Retrievers, Merlot and Winter. Although not everything went according to plan, they came out with unforgettable memories.

    A Golden Adventure: Road Tripping With Two Dogs
  • Planning a Book Tour with Katie & Spaghetti for "On Digital Advocacy"

    Spaghetti is part of my identity as an outdoorist, as an advocate, and as a human being. Going on a book tour without her just wouldn’t be right. 

    Dog sitting on a bed next to a woman reading a book
  • Backpacking the 40km Scottish Mamores Munro Circuit with Our Two Dogs

    As soon as Henry and Wally see us organising and packing their hiking packs, they start getting excited and can’t wait to hit the trail – especially when it's for three days on the Scottish Mamores Munro Circuit.

    Man and woman sitting in front of tent next to two dogs
  • Bondi Falls in Love with Water

    From water skeptic to captain of the SUP, Bondi's journey developing a new love for water has been tremendously rewarding for Cory and Rafa.

    Dog standing on nose of paddleboard on a slow river with two other paddlers in front
  • Running for Change: Creating Safe Outdoor Spaces for All

    "Running has become a powerful tool for me in the fight for racial equity in the outdoors. It’s a way for me to connect with myself, with nature, and with my community. But, it’s also a way for me to advocate for change."

    Woman sitting dog and smiling in a desert landscape
  • Creating New Memories with Hand-Me-Down Dog Gear

    Ruffwear Ambassador, Laura Patton, shares how passing down dog gear from one dog to another brings bittersweet joy – preserving one dog's memory and creating space for more memories to be made. 

    A woman and her two dogs walk in the mountains.
  • The Paths We Share: Trail Running with Nathan & Turkey

    Nathan Nee is an ER Veterinarian. He and his canine sidekick, Turkey, live for exploring the trails together. They've run, hiked, and camped through the mountains and switchbacks of Colorado, Utah, Canada, and Washington. Here, Nathan shares how traversing these paths with Turkey has not only strengthened their bond, but helped him find his own path forward in life.  

    A man holds his dog while standing on the top of a mountain trail.
  • Snow Camping With Theresa & Cassie

    The crisp morning air jolted me awake after a fitful night of sleeping in the snow. I took a deep breath, exhaling a misty cloud before pulling my sleeping bag even more tightly over my face. Cassie lay beside me, snug and warm in her Powder Hound™ Jacket, cozily pressed up against my sleeping bag for extra insulation. 

    A woman and man sit with their dog on a snowy mountain.
  • Katie & Spaghetti: Press Play the Fall Way

    Ruffwear Ambassadors, Katie and Spaghetti (the one with the paws), share how they press play during the fall season – including their favorite indoor games to exercise Spaghetti's mind. 

    A woman and her dog stand in a camper van.
  • How To Take a Van Camping Trip With Your Dog

    Want to try a van camping trip with your tail-wagging sidekick? Ruffwear Ambassador Frida Berg has you covered with her top tips & tricks.

    A man and his two dogs with their van camping setup.
  • How To Plan a Trip to Canada With Your Dog

    Ruffwear Ambassadors Noodle and Shamus (and their humans, Bree and Kyle) just wrapped up a road trip to the Canadian Rockies. Read on for Bree’s tips for crossing the Canadian border with dogs and discovering national parks with dog-friendly trails – including how she found trails that were a fit for Noodle, her pup with a spinal cord injury.

    A man and his dog hike in the Canadian Rockies.
  • How Do Ruffwear Ambassadors Spend Their Summers?

    We checked in with our Ruffwear Ambassadors to hear how they splashed, hiked, canoed, and climbed the summer days away. Read on for their top highlights. 

    A woman and her two dogs go paddleboarding on a lake.
  • How To Take a Multi-Day Rafting Trip With Your Dog

    Ruffwear Ambassador Becca Bredehoft is a professional paraglider pilot, tandem instructor, and photographer. She adopted her canine sidekick, Tala, from the Navajo Nation. One of the duo's favorite ways to explore together is on multi-day river rafting trips. Here, Becca shares the tips & tricks she's learned along the way.

    A woman and her dog sit on a raft while river rafting.
  • Tips for Living in a Tiny House with Big Dogs

    Seven years into living the tiny house life, Laura and her pups, Star and Colt, are masters at maximizing their space, exploring outside, and enjoying the togetherness that living tiny brings. We checked in with Laura to hear her top tips for living in a tiny house with big dogs. 

    A man and his two dogs sit on the front porch of their tiny house.
  • Waypoints: Ashes on the Arizona Trail with Katie & Quinci

    Ruffwear Ambassadors Katie and her canine-sidekick Quinci recently said goodbye to a member of their pack, beloved dog Chipper. To honor his life, Katie and Quinci embarked on a 67-mile, 6 day hike of the Arizona Trail where they spread Chipper's ashes in a bed of wildflowers. 

    A woman and her dog hike along the Arizona Trail.
  • A Puppy’s Guide to Road Tripping

    When you’re as attached to your dogs as we are, your entire world revolves around them. We love to hit the road, and we’ve become fluent in the art of road tripping with your doggos. We’re here to share a few tips on how to make it more enjoyable for all when you've got a new puppy. 

    A woman walks with her dog and puppy at a campsite.
  • Top 4 Dog and Kid-Friendly Summer Activities

    Ruffwear Ambassador Maria Christina Schultz is an outdoor enthusiast, certified stand up paddleboard instructor, and author. Her dogs are her constant companions. Maria's pack recently grew with the addition of her son. Here, she shares her tips for 4 dog and kid-friendly summer outings, plus dog training and gear advice to get you started. 

    A woman sits on a paddleboard with her baby and throws a toy for her dogs.
  • Tips for Running with Dogs in Summer Heat

    Ruffwear Ambassador Krissy Moehl is a running coach, author, race director, and public speaker. Her favorite running sidekick is her pup, PD. Seeing the trails through PD's eyes adds a whole new spin on her passion. Here, we checked in with Krissy and PD to learn their tips for running in the summer heat.

    A woman and her dog smile at the camera on a break from running.
  • Experiencing Growth With Dogs By Our Sides

    I often wonder what would it be like to see ourselves through our dogs’ eyes? Would they remember the person we were 7 years ago? Would they notice both the small and large ways in which we’ve changed over the years?

    A woman sits with her dog by a mountain lake.
  • The Story of a Life-saving Therapy Dog

    Kerry Irving is a Ruffwear Ambassador, and so was his life-saving therapy dog, Max. Max passed away in April of 2022, remembered by his loved ones and thousands of loyal fans. We caught up with Kerry to hear the incredible story behind this miracle dog’s legacy. 

    A man and his dog sit and look at the sunset.
  • Cool Safety Tips for Hot Dogs: Advice From Dr. Bronwyn Fullagar

    Summer is full of long days, happy tails, and dusty tired legs. Before you and your canine companion embark on your first warm weather mission, veterinary surgeon Dr. Bronwyn Fullagar shares her key safety tips to keep your dog cool in the summer heat. 

    A woman runs on a mountain trail with her dog.
  • Our Carbon Pawprints

    Something I’ve been curious about for a while is to what extent having a dog in my life impacts the planet. Finn is now 12 years old, and our lives revolve around him. He eats every day, has toys, travels, and has clothes and adventure gear the same as me. Let's look at Finn's carbon pawprint by focusing on the impacts of his food and apparel.   

    A man stands in a field with his dog while on a backpacking trip.
  • Honouring Our One-in-a-Maximillian

    He touched the lives of so many people and was the ‘lifesaver’ and constant companion of his beloved owner, Kerry Irving. Our one-in-a-million Max the Miracle Dog, also known as Max Out in The Lake District, sadly gained his Angel wings on Wednesday 6 April.

    A man and his two Springer Spaniel dogs sit on a cliff at the Lake District in England.
  • Stories From the Trail: Backpacking with Nathan & Turkey

    Nathan and his canine sidekick, Turkey, share their stories from backpacking the alpine peaks of California, Montana, and Washington. They carry their packs and camp along the way as they summit beautiful mountain ranges, such as the North Cascades. Read on to see what they discovered on their journey.

    A man kisses his dog on the snout while they are in nature backpacking.
  • A City Dog’s Guide to Adventure

    No one understands the city dog life better than Ruffwear Ambassadors Cory, Rafa, and their pup Bondi. Here, we’ve got the scoop on their top tips to kickstart city adventures with your dog.

    Two men sit by the water in a city with their dog.
  • Inspiring a Diverse Outdoors with Ambassador Alexis Martin

    For the month of February, we teamed up with photographer Tommy Corey on a project that highlights individuals who exude Black Excellence and leadership in the outdoor spaces. Ruffwear ambassador Alexis Martin is not only a trailblazer and nature photographer but also a leader within her community. Alexis is making her voice heard by speaking on important topics such as diversity and inclusion in outdoor spaces. 

    Inspiring a Diverse Outdoors with Ambassador Alexis Martin
  • Busting Cabin Fever with Chris and Sammy

    For those winter days when cabin fever seems to be setting in, Ruffwear Ambassadors Chris Hill and Sammy (the one with the paws) share their tips for keeping the stoke high.

    A woman picks up her golden retriever dog and poses with him in the snow.
  • Graham & Pebble's Quest for Rest

    Graham is an award-winning alpinist who explores the mountains, trails, and crags of Central Oregon with his fun-loving canine sidekick, Pebble the doodle. In this article, this Ruffwear Ambassador duo share how they hit pause on playing hard to rest and recharge.

    A dog, named Pebble, rests on her Ruffwear Restcycle™ Dog Bed.
  • 2022: The Year For Possibility & Spaghetti

    This upcoming season, we’ve shifted from survival mode, we’ve unpacked the baggage of the last (nearly) two years, we’ve started building habits for a better future—we’re ready for the season of thriving. I’m hopeful for us all to return to ourselves, to take our lessons learned, and to put them into practice as we begin a season of light again.

    2022: The Year For Possibility & Spaghetti
  • Give, Shop, and Wag Like a Local

    Nate and Dani Wyeth live in Bend, Oregon with their golden retriever, Ranger. They offer tips for holiday-ing like the locals here in Bend. You can make these tips work for doing the same in your neck of the woods, too.

    A golden retriever dog runs toward its owner in the snow.
  • PRIDE Weekend Adventure with Cory, Rafa, and Bondi

    In this story, Cory, Rafa, and Bondi (she’s the one with the four paws and tail) share their adventure to Portland to celebrate PRIDE Weekend. They explore this dog-friendly city as they celebrate an important life experience.

    Bondi wears her Ruffwear Float Coat™ Dog Life Jacket while on a raft in the water.
  • Van Life: Coast Road Trip with Bree & Noodle

    In this story, Ruffwear Ambassador Bree shares how her van road trip along the PNW coast offered her dogs a chance to grow in a new environment. One of her dogs, Noodle, navigated trotting along the shores and splashing in the ocean with her scooter – leaving her mark of sandy paw prints and scooter tracks behind.

    Two dogs and their owner relax in their van.
  • Running in the Rain: Tips from Krissy & PD

    As autumn starts to work its way into our weather forecasts, these tips from as seasoned of a running duo as ambassadors Krissy & PD have us eager to lace up and get out with our ever-eager canine sidekicks – rain or shine.

    Krissy and her dog PD running on a muddy trail
  • A Statue for Max the Miracle Dog

    There’s a new addition to Hope Park in Keswick, England – a bronze statue with four legs, a tail, and “Max the Miracle Dog” inscribed on the bench it sits on. This tribute to a very special dog was revealed July 2, 2021 with Ruffwear Ambassadors Max and his human Kerry (and about 2,000 fans) in attendance.

    Max the Miracle Dog with a bronze statue of himself
  • From Canines to Kids: Pregnancy Brings Adventure Dog-Training to Bear

    I wasn’t one of those girls who dreamed of her wedding day, having a family, and decorating a home. I dreamed of adventures and exploring the world with dogs – lots of dogs – all with a handsome guy by my side, of course! But it seems Mother Nature had her own ideas. 

    Maria holding her puppy in her arms getting kisses.
  • Ruffwear Ambassadors: Get to Know Theresa and Cassie

    Cascade (Cassie) and her human, Theresa Silveyra, are among the newest additions to the Ruffwear ambassador team. Read this interview to learn more about the opportunities Theresa's creating for women of color in the outdoors and how she and Cassie enjoy the outdoors together.

    Theresa runs with her dog Cassie through the mountains.
  • Singletrack to Sea: An adventure to the edge of Canada

    I’ve known for a long time that spending time in wild places, with friends and dogs, is where I feel most alive. In a year where the world turned on its head, exploring outside with Arnie was the one constant when every other part of life seemed so uncertain. 

    Bronwyn and Arnie running on beach at sunset
  • Packs and Trails with Amara the Shepherd

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a dog parent, it’s that having a pup allows you to experience life and everyday adventures in a whole new way. For Noami and me, hiking is our favorite pastime. So when Amara joined our pack, there was no doubt we would bring her along on all our adventures.

    Noami and Amara in backpacks by a waterfall.
  • Meet the 2021 Ambassador Pack

    Have you met Ruffwear’s Ambassadors yet? These 38 dogs and 31 humans are explorers that inspires us. They get outside and live out our shared beliefs that dogs make us whole and shape us through the adventures we share.

    Ambassador Chris gets a handshake from her dog Sammy in an overcoat utility jacket in front of the Chilkat mountain range.
  • Play More, Shower Less, and Other Things We Learned From Our Dogs In 2020

    Turns out our canine sidekicks have been moonlighting as furry philosophers this year. Ruffwear Ambassadors and employees took a moment to reflect on what their dog has taught them in a year that's seen its share of obstacles and challenges. 

    Dog in climate changer pullover trail runs along river in front of human.
  • Holiday Like The Pros: Ambassador Picks

    Ruffwear Ambassadors share our belief that dogs make us whole and our relationship with our dogs is shaped by the adventures we share. So who better to turn to for some holiday inspiration than our very own Ambassador Pack? Read on for their top gear picks and other ways they make the holidays with their canine companions an extra special time of year. 

    Becca in puffy jacket in snow gets kisses from Tala the husky in Quinzee insulated jacket.
  • Max the Miracle Dog

    His name is Max, and he’s called the Miracle Dog. Hearing just some of his amazing story, it’s not hard to see why. If you're looking for a story about the special bond that exists between man and dog, read on.

    Ambassador Kerry with his three dogs in ruffwear harnesses outdoors.
  • Finding Purpose on the Road with a Three-Legged Dog

    Living through the highs and lows of life on the road while witnessing the joys and heartbreak of helping others through amputation recovery and cancer care isn’t easy. Along the way, Jim and Rene do their best to stay resilient by doing what comes naturally to any dog: focusing on the here and now.

    Rene and Jim stand with dog Jerry wearing dog backpack.